Providing Men With The Foundation For A Fresh Start
Sober Living Homes in Des Moines, IA
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RIA Mission

Recovery In Action, Inc. provides sober, safe and permanent housing for those striving for sobriety, accountability and independence. Our goal is to fill the housing need for individuals recovering from substance abuse who want to grow in their sobriety.


In addition to a clean living environment, we provide a support system and fellowship while empowering residence to become self-supporting individuals who strengthen their families and contribute to their communities.



Comments About RIA

“It is very clear that this type of support system is almost non-existent for the Des Moines metro area, yet the need for the service and setting can be demonstrated quite easily.


I personally know many of the men involved in this group and their commitment to helping other men recover from addiction.  Several of the men are regular volunteers working with the men in treatment at the Fort Des Moines OWI Treatment Program and have been for a number of years.


The men we treat at the Fort Des Moines OWI program have long histories or past treatment experiences and unsuccessful attempts to stay sober and out of legal trouble.  The gap we are not able to fill occurs when a client leaves intensive treatment and must learn to practice the tools given in treatment to change his life and ways of thinking.”


Marlana Howes Lalli, ACADC

OWI Program Supervisor

Fifth Judicial District

Department of Correctional Services

Fort Des Moines OWI Facility



“I implore you to seriously consider assisting Recovery In Action, Inc. in this endeavor.  I truly believe that the investment will save lives, support the community and enhance opportunities that do not currently exist.”


Marv Frangman, MA, LMSW, ACADC

Program Manager

First Step:Mercy Recovery Center at the Mercy Franklin Center in Des Moines


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